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About us

Performance braking made in Britain
Better stopping has started

Better stopping has started

Probite is a new British brand created from over 60 years of experience in braking and friction manufacture and run by a team of motorsport and vehicle enthusiasts right here in the UK.

We specialise in the precision machining and rapid supply of performance brake discs, pads and accessories.

We're bringing track developments to performance road cars

Probite offers a range of cutting-edge braking, friction and fluid products that improve the performance and appearance of your car - all inspired by our love for motorsport and made possible by our advanced research and engineering development teams. Offering our customers genuine improvements to their cars, from products that have been carefully designed and meticulously manufactured, is a fundamental aim for Probite. Whether customers buy from us once or a hundred times, we want them to trust that the product they are fitting to their car is of the highest quality, offering improved safety and enjoyment for many thousands of miles.

Official partner

Official partner

As official partners of the British Rally Championship, we will be working alongside Motorsport UK and BRC crews in a continued development of our braking products ensuring we can continue to offer the very best enhancements and innovations from professional motorsport to the thousands of fans and enthusiasts driving on Britain's roads.

Flawless fit and forget

Flawless fit and forget

Our discs are machined using state-of-the-art CNC machines, ensuring flawless production from an experienced and knowledgeable engineering team.

Every Probite product is a direct replacement for your vehicle's current fitment and OE specification braking setup. Choose parts that are compatible with your vehicle, then fit and forget to benefit from improved braking abilities from the first stop.

Huge parts library

Huge parts library

We currently cater for thousands of different vehicle varieties from our extensive catalogue. Throughout 2023 we will be expanding this further to cover over 98% of vehicles currently driving on the UK’s roads - an unbeatable offering.

Whether you're on a budget, driving a classic, want something special for your hot hatch or have doubts about leaving OEM territory, Probite is the go-to brand for all your braking needs.

A British brand

A British brand

Probite is a British brand run by motorsport and vehicle enthusiasts just like you.

We're part of a large British engineering business with decades of automotive experience in parts and development, now specialising in performance braking for all types of UK road and trackday cars.

We offer performance brake discs made here in the UK by our expert engineers and our range is expanding to offer new UK-made performance parts all the time.

Do performance brake parts make a difference?

Yes they do. Across numerous types of motorsport, the drivers at the top are using drilled o r grooved discs to tackle numerous problems that can arise with hard use.

We carefully design and engineer our products not just to look great but, more importantly, to bring improvements to performance, handling and safety.

The entire Probite range offers better properties for key factors such as cooling, ventilation, deglazing and moisture removal. These combine to reduce brake fade, keep the pads clean and to handle hard and repeated braking better and safer than standard OEM products.

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