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We are currently upgrading our production facility. Shipping for all new orders will be delayed until June 17th.
We are currently upgrading our production facility. Shipping for all new orders will be delayed until June 17th.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Probite is the official performance braking partner and title sponsor of the Probite British Rally Championships (BRC).

Motorsport UK (MSUK) is the national membership organisation and governing body for licenced UK motorsport, including the BRC.

This partnership reflects our strong commitment to furthering motorsport, at both professional and amateur level, and helping to enhance the experience of competitors, volunteers, clubs and fans.

We are car enthusiasts and engineers with decades of braking and automotive knowledge behind us. As part of a larger British engineering company, we specialise in braking, vehicle components and enhancements.


We currently sell and deliver our products only to UK customers at UK postal addresses.

For large bulk and trade orders, or exclusive assistance to inernational competitive and motorsport teams, we would be willing to investigate further options – please get in touch.

We offer free delivery on all orders over £50. Orders under £50 will be subject to a £6.99 delivery charge.

Unless otherwise stated on this website, we offer a delivery timeframe of 2-4 working days on all orders, with many arriving the very next day. Our delivery partner is FedEx who operate at a successful and on-time delivery rate of over 96%!

Deliveries are exclusively midweek Monday to Friday so you can keep your weekend for installing and enjoying your brand new brakes.

Saturday delivery is available at an additional cost, please contact us if a Saturday delivery is required.

We take pride in our extensive parts catalogue and product range. In fact, Probite offers an enhanced braking solution for over 98% of the cars on Britain’s roads today!

If you can’t find parts to fit your specific vehicle then it's a matter of when we can provide it, not if. And we want to help you as soon as we can.

Just contact us with the make, model and year of your car and we will confirm which performance brake upgrades we can provide. If you're not familiar with your own car then send your registration number instead and we'll let you know if we need more detail.

If we don’t currently include your car in the Probite range, then we will look at adding it in – just for you.


We can deliver to any mainland UK address but may apply restrictions to orders from new customers or for high-value products. These restrictions may require you to have the products shipped to the same address that is registered with your payment method. We may also require a signature and proof of ID on delivery. Failure to provide this will result in your order being returned to us.


Please contact our Customer Service team as soon as you can. We will try our best to make any changes but may be unable to do so if the order has already been processed or dispatched.

Dispatched goods cannot be redirected to an alternative delivery address, so please ensure your delivery address is correct.

Our best prices are online and direct from us. This is because we keep our costs low and pass on the savings to our customers.

Customers who register for an account will also be the first to know of special offers, unique discounts or other promotional savings as they become available.

Trade, Motorsport UK or other associated motor club customers looking to place large orders are encouraged to contact us with their requirements. We're motorsport enthusiasts and will do all we can to help fellow fans improve their vehicle with Probite parts.

This can depend upon your email provider and whether the confirmation email has been incorrectly marked as junk. 

Please add email from the domain '' to your safe senders list to ensure safe receipt, and also check your junk folder.

If you havent received any order confirmation 24 hours after placing your order, then please contact our team.


We do not offer cash on delivery. All orders must be paid for prior to dispatch.

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as Apple and Google pay methods.


Yes they do. Across numerous types of motorsport, the drivers at the top are using drilled o r grooved discs to tackle numerous problems that can arise with hard use.

We carefully design and engineer our products not just to look great but, more importantly, to bring improvements to performance, handling and safety.

The entire Probite range offers better properties for key factors such as cooling, ventilation, deglazing and moisture removal. These combine to reduce brake fade, keep the pads clean and to handle hard and repeated braking better and safer than standard OEM products.

European legislation came into effect in September 1999 and November 2016, titled ECE R90, that stipulates that all brake pads, and then brake discs, sold for use on vehicles manufactured after this date must be tested and comply with R90 standards. 

In order to meet the R90 standard all parts must pass a series of tests and perform to levels similar, or in excess of, the Original Equipment Part. 

A small number of Probite performance discs are intended solely for track use, not for UK public roads. These product codes are listed below but this is not an exhaustive list and customers are encouraged to check if their order includes any of these items, or to contact the team directly if they require any assistance.

PRPD0623, PFPD0625, PRPD0644, PFPD0665, PFPD0699, PFPD0706, PFPD0707, PFPD0483, PRPD1346, PFPD0401, PFPD0483, PFPD1441, PFPD1456, PFPD1458, PFPD1459, PFPD1464, PRPD1466, PRPD0623, PFPD0625, PFPD1472, PRPD1473, PRPD0644, PRPD1476, PRPD1477, PFPD1479, PFPD0665, PFPD0690, PFPD0690, PFPD1496, PFPD0691, PRPD0692, PRPD1499, PRPD1501, PFPD0699, PRPD1502, PRPD1503, PRPD1504, PRPD1505, PFPD1508, PFPD1511, PFPD1512, PRPD1514, PRPD1515, PFPD1516, PRPD1517, PFPD1520, PRPD1521, PFPD1527, PFPD1529, PFPD0706, PFPD0707, PRPD1531, PRPD1532, PRPD1533, PFPD1534, PFPD1535, PFPD1536, PFPD1541, PFPD1542, PFPD1543, PFPD1545, PFPD1546, PRPD1547, PRPD1548, PFPD1549, PFPD1550, PRPD1551, PFPD1552, PRPD1553, PRPD1563, PFPD1564, PRPD1574, PFPD1577, PRPD1579, PRPD1580, PRPD1591, PFPD1592, PRPD1595, PFPD0711, PFPD1601, PFPD1603, PRPD1604, PRPD1607, PFPD1610, PRPD1611, PRPD1627, PFPD1632, PFPD1633, PFPD1635, PFPD1636, PFPD1637, PFPD1673, PRPD1703, PRPD1869, PRPD1872, PFPD1880, PFPD1882, PRPD1883, PRPD1884, PRPD1885, PFPD1886, PFPD1887, PRPD1889, PFPD1890, PRPD1891, PRPD1893, PRPD1894, PRPD1910, PRPD1911.

It’s easy. Just use our handy Vehicle Selector tool to filter our products by car make, model and year.

Pro performance needs a pro installation. Fitting matching left and right side discs at the same time is the only way to ensure equal and accurate forces.

For this reason, all our brake discs are sold exclusively in pairs in purpose-built packaging.

We do not strip, mix or recondition any of our brake discs and we only deliver 100% brand new and made to order performance discs - in pairs!

Buying direct from Probite is the best way to get genuine products at the right price but we may also sell our products through a select list of approved distributors and resellers. This list is subject to change from time to time, depending on the marketplace.

If you are at all unsure about the genuine nature of a Probite product or reseller then just contact us with the details and we’ll be happy to check things out for you.

Upgrading your vehicle’s brakes is a relatively simple job that can be completed by a DIYer with the appropriate tools. There are many guides and how-tos online to assist with this.

All of our parts are designed to be a direct fitment replacement for your existing OEM kit to make installation as easy as possible.

However, we do not offer advice on installing or fitting, because brakes are a fundamental part of every vehicle and critical to safety. We ask that installation is only carried out by competent and capable people.

If you are in any doubt about installing your new parts safely, then please speak to a qualified mechanic.

First of all, don’t panic. Noise from new brakes is not uncommon during their ‘bedding-in’ period or if they have been exposed to environmental conditions such as excessive moisture and ice. It can happen to any type or brand of brake kit.

Here are some typical noises and how to respond to them . . .


  • Brake squeal is very common, even likely, during the first few hundred miles of use. This is from the new materials partnering-up and bedding-in efficiently, and should go away on its own. Until bedded in, squeal can be worse in wet weather or with hard usage.
  • A certain type of brake squeal is classed as ‘creep graunch’ which is a mixture of a squeal and a grinding noise as the brakes are either fully stopping or releasing the vehicle’s motion from a standstill. This noise usually happens for a split second and can be a characteristic of the braking setup.
  • The amount of squeal, and when it will fade away, depends on many things such as the condition of the discs and pads, and how the car is driven. Drive your car carefully and steadily for the first few journeys, until everything seems bedded-in. If you’re still experiencing excessive brake-squeal then contact us.


  • Noises of grinding or excessive vibrating from your brakes are a sign that something is wrong and should not be ignored.
  • The noise can be caused by foreign debris or an incorrect installation / adjustment setup.
  • The most common cause for grinding brakes is damaged or worn-out brake pads. Fitting performance discs to a car without changing or upgrading the brake pads can result in much harsher wear and surface scraping to the friction material which can cause uneven or rapid wear. This can also be the case when incompatible brake pads are used. We always advise to install new discs with new pads at the same time, to promote even wear and ensure compatibility. If you need any advice on which pads to use with which discs then contact us.

Juddering, popping or tapping

  • Juddering noises can be a result of your vehicles ABS system kicking in, especially if it occurs during extreme braking or whilst the vehicle is travelling down very steep declines.

Once the ABS has been ruled out; judder, pop or tap noises are often a result of tyre damage or a foreign object, such as a metal screw, stuck in the treads. If obvious causes have been ruled out then these noises could indicate loose pads or callipers, a stuck foreign object or damage to your braking system from a kerb impact or worse. These can be strong indicators of impaired braking ability so, in the interests of safety, should always be checked out by a professional.


We run various promotions and limited offers across our product ranges. If you believe you are trying to use an active and genuine discount code but it is not working, then please contact our team with the details. We will investigate the code / promotion and the products that you wish to purchase amongst any other eligibility criteria.


All returns are handled by our customer service team. Please get in touch with us to let us know of any issues or why you want to return your order and we will do our best to help you.

Any Probite products bought from a legitimate dealership or shop are part of a sales contract between you and the vendor - any issues must be handled by them.

For products purchased directly from us, first read through our FAQ section and ensure that any problems don’t have solutions or further advice. For example, it is common for inexperienced customers to think they have bought faulty brakes because they squeal on the first use. However, this noise is expected and should fade after a short amount of miles for 'bedding in'.

If you are sure that you have a product issue that needs rectifying, then don’t worry – we are here to help. Just contact us with a description of your problem and we will decide if a warranty replacement is appropriate. We may require additional information, photographs or evidence of any specific claims but we will always explain things thoroughly and make every effort to help you get your pride and joy kitted out with Probite products as soon as possible.

You can trust us. We are a UK company and always operate under the correct consumer law and in a fair and honest manner. We will, at all times, respect your rights and endeavour to solve any unlikely issues that may arise.

View our warranty information page for further information.

We provide a 14-day returns and exchange policy on all standard and non-hazardous products, as per the legally required UK distance selling regulations. Unwanted products should be returned in their original condition and original packaging. All returned products must be unopened and uninstalled and will be subject to inspection once we receive them. The customer accepts responsibility for the cost of returning unwanted items and we advise that an insured and signed-for delivery service is used.

Some of our products are classed as tailor-made and/or personalised goods in that they are made directly as a result of the placed order and for the exact vehicle specifications as confirmed by the customer. These product categories include all performance brake discs. These products are exempt from the standard Distance Selling Regulations and Consumer Contracts Regulations and can only be returned due to a warranty claim.

See our Refund Policy for further details.

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