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We are currently upgrading our production facility. Shipping for all new orders will be delayed until June 17th.
We are currently upgrading our production facility. Shipping for all new orders will be delayed until June 17th.
Performance disc varieties

Performance disc varieties

Performance brake discs are instantly recognisable on UK roads by their distinctive and eye-catching appearance. But they don't just look good!

The various cross-drilled, grooved and hooked marks on the disc faces all help to greatly improve braking and handling of the car. Heat, gasses, foreign particles and water are all removed from the friction surfaces of the disc and pad at a greatly improved rate than with standard solid discs.

Our performance upgrades are precision-engineered here in the UK and help to increase the surface area of the disc, helping with cooling and refreshing the brake pad surface, providing improved performance and greater disc life.

The frequency and shape of Probite's surface enhancements depend on a number of design considerations including how much initial bite and torque our engineers are looking to generate. Plus, what kind of vehicle the discs will be applied to with considerations on weight, use, speed, power and so on. We have developed numerous drilled, groove, dimpled and combination designs that all offer different aesthetics and performance characteristics - like reduced noise, harder pad deglazing and better temperature management.

Every disc is made from a premium alloy of cast-iron which is used the world-over for the production of high-performance brake discs. This material offers excellent thermal conductivity, which eases the dissipation of the heat generated by the friction of the pads during a stop, and the capacity of damping vibrations, which are prime characteristics of brake life and reduced noise. Combined with our expert machining, finishing and testing procedures, the humble cast-iron disc is transformed into a race-ready enhancement offers improved friction coefficients, wear rates, strength, resistance to thermal shock and fatigue and protection from corrosion.

Our range of ProHook brake discs offer various levels of hook intensity to lift and sweep away gas, debris and moisture with every disc rotation. The advanced machining of the hook allows every driver to find their perfect match depending on their driving style.

The ProGroove range covers increasing concentrations of perfectly geometric grooves and slots that act like an intense braking fan, whisking away high temperatures and offering excellent pad-refreshing properties for aggressive compound pads.

Our ProCombo discs bring the best of both worlds together in an eye-catching and car-stopping combination. Swirling designs of cross-drilled or dimpled surface-machininings are alternately matched with grooves or slots to combine improved gas and thermal reductions with a fresh friction surface ot the pad that bites harder with every pedal press.

Our ProVent discs offer maximum heat and gas removal whilst bringing good pad refreshing qualities and excellent wet-weather performance. Plus, these discs are ready to work in cold-stops, with reduced risk of thermal cracking or shocking thanks to our advanced production and finishing processes.

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